It is our belief that businesses can be a force for good. But there is a need to shift their focus from shareholder primacy to stakeholder capitalism. Our mission therefore is to educate and inspire leaders to balance profit and purpose.

We help them to fight their way out of short-termism and think about long-term equity and net positive economic, environmental and social impact.

#ClimateStripes indicate unprecedented rise in global temperatures. Natural disasters are becoming frequent. Wildlife and Biodiversity are threatened. Human consumption and activity are further draining out earth’s finite resources. Four out of nine #PlanetaryBoundaries (safe operating zones of our planet) have been breached. Poverty, social unrest, political and economic influences are contributing to #inequalities.

The planet and its people are at risk. Our life, our children, the future generations and the only earth that we know may not have a future.

As a business, you may be far from understanding the #TrueCost of these external (and internal) risks which will undermine your performance.

Businesses are already witnessing the direct impact of environmental and social risks on their performance and profitability. The question is not whether your business cares, it is whether you realise how your indifference can create a crisis of trust, reputation and performance.

What is critical for you, as a responsible business, is to manage your negative impacts to remain relevant, to gain competitive advantage, to deliver profits while contributing to the purpose of our people and our planet.