The ancient philosophy and role of education is holistic – from developing the power of contemplation to promoting individual and social justice, from character building to instilling values such as a sense of civic responsibility towards the environment and human societies.

In the contemporary world, however, there is a need to resolve the growing limitations and inadequacies of the modern education system, which may exclude important aspects such as democratic participation that inspires social interaction, empowerment, critical thinking and problem-solving approaches and inclusive learning and growth.

Our Democratic Education Programme therefore addresses the top three issues facing the current generation of disadvantaged children, especially from rural and sub-urban areas:

  • Instructional and academic (rather than participative and practical) teaching and learning mechanisms
  • Curriculum that partially or wholly ignores ground realities such as economic injustice, environmental degradation or cost of development and complex issues sprouting from oppressive systems and consumerism.
  • Education’s role and motives focussed on job and income security only (as opposed to mitigation of systemic social and environmental issues facing local communities)

Companies who would like to invest in quality education that promotes development and well-being of future responsible citizens are welcome to express your interest to support our existing initiative.

Additionally, if you would like to strategise or design new Democratic Education Programmes for children based on your CSR / Sustainability focus, kindly contact us at