It is well established that by prioritising and promoting gender equality and equity both businesses and societies can accelerate progress across all the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

In developing Asia, women are constrained due to many social injustices and inequalities that thwart their potential as productive economic resources. From land ownership to opportunities at the workplace, from health and education to social protection, women face innumerable challenges to survival, learning, and growth.

There is ample evidence to the fact that women, with their unique disposition towards business and society, can multiply the impact of an investment in their development.

Our Gender Empowerment Programme therefore addresses the top three issues facing disadvantaged and underprivileged women in rural and sub-urban areas:

  • Cultural barriers to the role of gender in development
  • Poor access to resources – knowledge, skills, networks and morale – to become financially independent
  • Socio-economic status of women that bars them from land ownership and their fundamental rights to health, education, and social protection

The Gender Empowerment Programme includes skills assessment and development, micro-financing solutions (WIP), and access to free and fair knowledge resources.

Companies who are on a mission to support women in the rural and sub-urban communities that matter to them are welcome to express your interest to support our existing initiative.

Additionally, if you would like to strategise or design new Gender Development Programmes based on your CSR / Sustainability agenda, kindly contact us at